Change Stories


11 May

Engaged students, vigorous society: "service-learning" represents a great education opportunity for all

Service-learning (SL), aka Learning through Civic Engagement, is a teaching and learning concept that combines the social involvement of pupils with appropriate learning more
11 January

An expert on right-wing extremism, thanks to the CIVIS Media Prize: Interview with Bastian Wierzioch

His "Adrian Fischer: German – black – foreign" (MDR, 2004) magazine report won the CIVIS Radio Prize in 2005. The resulting attention made reporter, author and anchorman more
29 September

Dedicated to improving life for Kiseljak’s young people: a young Rom acts as role model

Many young people in Bosnia do not see a viable future for them. Voter turnout is low, emigrating to Western Europe often seems a very promising solution. The Roma more
18 June

A Syrian father alone in Fürstenwalde: support for parents and school in km2 of Education

Like many refugees from Syria, Ahmed Al-Ameri (name changed) arrived in Germany in 2015, initially accompanied only by his eldest son Tariq (name changed). The mother and more
25 May

"Harder than expected": Feeling at home in Germany with the Learning- Practice Workshop

Tesfaye M. (name changed) fled Eritrea for political reasons. In 2018, he arrives in Weinheim where his wife and daughter are already living. With assistance from the more