Demo­cratic culture

Amadeu Antonio Foundation

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation campaigns for a democratic civil society, resolutely and proactively opposed to right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.
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Hajdi Barz
Educational Referent
Dr. Mehmet Ata
Prof. Dr. Yasemin Karakaşoğlu
Dr. Cornelia Schu
Managing Director
Sandra Zentner
Managing Director

Student TV, Weinheim Youth Media

In a pilot project at the Friedrich Junior High School in Weinheim, students develop videos in which they address issues they have chosen themselves, focusing on the environment, society or politics.
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Thomas Hetzel
Project Manager

Digital Awareness

In its "Digital Awareness" project, the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society Jena (IDZ) monitors German-language debates with a broad political impact in digital space. It uses the results to strengthen civil-societal organizations campaigning for diversity, equality and the rule of law.
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Hagen Berndt
Social inclusion
Monika Münch
Alexander Diepold
Managing Director
Luisa Partusch
Director Pedagogic Workshop

Local art projects

With nationwide art projects, the Freudenberg Foundation aims to provide access to art for children and young people, particularly from families living in poverty. Besides projects in Weinheim, the Temporary Gallery on the Campus Rütli in Berlin-Neukölln is regularly supported.
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Alfred Roos
Managing Director
Christian Utpatel
Managing Director

Rolf Engelbrecht Prize

The Rolf Engelbrecht Prize is awarded to individuals and initiatives in Weinheim that campaign for equitable co-existence in a democratic urban society.
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Claudia Rustige
Managing Director
Edina Malkić

Roma school mediation Dortmund

The goal of the cooperation agreement between the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Dortmund City Council and the Freudenberg Foundation is to trial the deployment of Roma school mediators in Dortmund’s northern district, to progress this approach and anchor it in the long term.
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Who we are
The Freudenberg Foundation was set up in 1984 by partners of the Freudenberg & Co. KG company as an independent, civil-societal organization tasked with fostering education and peaceful co-existence.

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